What you need to know about renting a keg from Slate Rock Brewing.....


Keg deposit?

 It is the State mandated $75, which is reimbursed when the keg is returned within the contracted time.


I need a way to get the beer from the keg to my cup....what do I do?

 We have a rental pump for $10. If you have your own pump or co2 setup, than you are ready to go.


How long is the rental period?

  30 days, if arrangements aren't made to keep the keg longer than 30 days, the deposit cannot be returned to the renter.


How many servings will I get out of each keg?

 1/6bbl (5 gallon) kegs have 40 servings and 1/2bbl (15.5 gallon) kegs have 124 servings....its a lot more than it sounds!!!


How much does the beer cost?

 Each beer varies in cost, it ranges from $80-$110 for 5gal



....Any tips?

 Keep your beer cold by setting your keg in a tub/clean trash can/ barrel and surrounding it with ice, keep adding ice as the day (or night) goes on.


 Beer is best when it is not exposed to oxygen, so if you plan on keeping a keg for a long period of time consider investing in a kegerator or at least a co2 setup so as not to use a standard hand pump which pumps regular old oxygen into the keg to push the beer out.


 If you do use a hand pump, finish the keg off asap.....or within a few days (maximum, a week), beer gets stale with oxygen.


 And the very most important of all the tips, DRINK RESPONSIBLY! Don't serve minors, and don't drink and drive, its not just your life in your hands!